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My Answer to 59

Nope.  Not doin’ it.

I wasn’t bothered by 30.  (Actually, it’s more accurate to say I never saw myself as being 30 years old); at age 17 or so I began to tell people, “I’ll never see 30.  I just know it.”  Till I turned 30, of course.  And 29 years later, you can see my accuracy rate for prophecy is 0 for 1.  Oh, well.  And at the time chasing all the kids and enjoying our adventure pretty much kept me occupied.

40 didn’t bother me because I was enjoying having the older kids chauffer the younger ones, and too involved in cooking for the Church, leading my little Bible study, cooking and being sponsor at CCLW summer camp, and watching our thousands of teenagers grow up and leave the nest.  Actually only 5 of them, but since there were 4 twins involved with tons of friends, it seemed like thousands at times.

Turning forty is somewhat like approaching the vistas you’ve seen from afar.  As you near a turn you can see the vast expanses beyond; this is my personal realization of what “they” mean by ‘life begins at 40.’  There was obviously SO much life on the other side of 40.  I was excited to step across that threshold.

Next I crossed the fat black line labeled, “Fifty.”  That was a long and winding road between 40 and 50.  There were beautiful scenic overlooks, a few dramatic and romantic rest areas–but on the other hand there was a lot more uphill country, rough and unpaved road, and certainly directions I never dreamed I would be asked to travel.  And then they took a slow descent in grade, and we’ve somehow slid all the way to 59.

But as I said at the beginning, no way am I going to settle into a matronly and subdued 60.  Not happening.  The first reaction I had to actually turning 59 years old was “nope, not gonna do it.  I’m going backwards now; next year I’ll be 58 again.”

First step:  Purchased a Treadclimber.  Not for the faint-hearted or the sedentary who’ve spent 30 years in an administrative  chair tied to a computer.  And the first day on that ____ thing?  4 minutes.  FOUR MINUTES!!!  But it’s getting progressively easier, and we’re upping the minutes.  Before long I’ll actually make it through the commercials!!

Second step:  Silver Sneakers.  The fantastic support group of other wanna-be’s in my age group, trying to fight the valiant battle of time, gravity, and lifestyle.  We meet at the local Rec Center three days a week, and work our ample fannies off.  My energy level has skyrocketed, and my mood hitched a ride too.  Doing simple tasks has gotten easier, and the aches I notice now are not the “aging” aches but the wow, was that a good workout aches.  And those are somehow more acceptable.

Third step:  Emptied the two extra bedrooms, and got rid of ten  years of accumulated stuff.  And junk.  And clothing that I can finally say will never fit me again.  Well, almost.  I did manage to keep my few favorites that I’m DETERMINED to wear again.

Fourth step:  Decided to laugh every day.  I mean, tears down the face laughing.  Today it was easy; I just tuned into one of Jim’s old commercial outtake videos.  (Jim is a whole article by himself; he was my brother’s close friend growing up…can you imagine having Jim pop in for dinner and harrass you as a kid?)

I also found Tim Hawkins and plenty of other Christian comedians too, so it’s not that hard to do.

Fifth step:  Write in this blog every day.  Oops.  Not keepin’ up with that one too well.  Oh well, we’re a work in progress, huh!  The joy is in the journey!!

Enough for today; I’ll add to this as we go along….so at this speed, I figure I’m back to 52 by now….I hope all of you reading this have a memorable Easter.  I watched the Passion of the Christ last night; it impacted me so deeply that I have to keep reminding myself it’s a joyous holiday and not a time to feel horrible for what we put Him through…  I know He understands.  I count on that.  And the best part of it all?  Each day is one day closer to seeing Jesus face to face!

I bid you peace.