Simple Things – the Original Brunswick Stew Recipe (as far as I know)

***NOTE:  For all those who love to ciritize this simple home-grown version that I created, please see below for the ORIGINAL from the website)

When I was 15, we moved from Lexington, Ky to Atlanta, Ga.  (East Point, to be exact).  There used to be a chain of restaurants called Old Hickory House.  I don’t know if Brunswick Stew was their claim to fame, but it’s the most perfect food on the face of the earth, if you ask me.

Now, the restaurants don’t exist anymore, but the recipe lives on.  If you wanna read up on which states claim the recipe and who thinks it was first prepared in Brunswick, GA (vs Virginia), you can.  I  can list the link at the end of my recipe.  But back to my story:  I wanted to serve it to the local Ministerial Association Luncheon last year, so I searched and bribed and did a voodoo dance (just kidding) until I discovered the original recipe, or what I BELIEVE to be the original recipe.  I’m listing it for you here; if you think it’s wrong, don’t call me; just change it to suit yourself.

But I can guarantee that if you follow this recipe to the letter you will have the best one-dish meal that you will ever, ever eat.  And I’m not biased at all.  (What did we do to express ourselves before smiley faces and “lol’s”?)

Yields 1 gallon   (I think it makes more but that’s what the recipe says)

In a 2 1/2 quart sauce pan, over low heat, melt:
1/4 cup of butter

3 1/2 cups Catsup
1/4 cups French’s Yellow Mustard
1/2 cup white vinegar

1 tablespoon chopped garlic
2 teaspoons coarse grind black pepper
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 oz. Liquid Smoke
2 oz. Worcestershire sauce
2 oz. Crystal hot sauce or 1 oz. Tabasco
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup dark brown sugar
Stir constantly, increase heat to simmer (DO NOT BOIL) for approximately 10 minutes. Makes about 7 cups of sauce.  Set aside, or simmer on low if you wanna really make it good.  It really intensifies the flavor if you have oldies playing on the radio, Elvis is preferred.

In a 2 gallon pot, melt:
1/4 lb of butter  (don’t complain, this is the healthy version)

3 cups small diced potatoes
1 cup small diced onion
2 cans (14 1/2 oz. each) chicken broth
1 lb baked chicken (white and dark) (I cheated and used a rotisserie chicken)
8 to 10 oz. smoked pork  (and here I used part of a honey-baked ham, only ’cause it was in the freezer waiting for me)
Bring to a rolling boil, stirring until potatoes are near done.

1 (8 1/2 oz.) can early peas
2 cans (14 1/2 oz. each) stewed tomatoes (chop tomatoes, add liquid to the stew pot)
The prepared sauce (from above recipe)
1 16 oz. can of baby lima beans
1/4 cup Liquid Smoke
1 (14 to 15 oz.) can creamed corn
Slow simmer for 2 hours.  (I know it says 2 hours, but I found that I burned it if I cooked it this long–judge for yourself, mine took about 45 minutes.  When it’s done, it’s done.  You just can’t tamper with perfection)…

The Old Hickory House served either a small cup or a  large bowl of Brunswick Stew, in addition to a plate with BBQ sandwich, baked potato and BBQ Beans, and Cole slaw, or if you’re smart, you just save all that room for the Stew.

The link to the recipe that I thought seemed most authentic to my memory is:  Y’all enjoy.  Come on back when you’re full……yes, it freezes well, although I don’t know why you’d want to.  Bye for now.  Always remember Whose you are.


Brunswick “Stewbilee”
The “Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee” is a cook-off between amateur and professional chefs who bring their culinary skills and secret recipes to compete for the coveted title of “Brunswick Stewmaster.” Fun-filled day for the entire family, Check back for exact dates around Oct-Nov.

World Famous Brunswick Stew

Brunswick “Stewbilee”

The “Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee” is a cook-off between amateur and professional chefs who bring their culinary skills and secret recipes to compete for the coveted title of “Brunswick Stewmaster.” Fun-filled day for the entire family, Check back for exact dates around Oct-Nov.

First the sauce:
In a 2 quart sauce pan, over low heat, melt ¼ cup of butter then add:
1¾ cups Catsup
¼ cup French’s Yellow Mustard
¼ cup white vinegar

Blend until smooth, then add:
½ tablespoon chopped garlic
1 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper
½ oz. Liquid Smoke
1 oz. Worcestershire Sauce
1 oz. Crystal Hot Sauce or ½ oz. Tabasco
½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Blend until smooth, then add:
¼ cup dark brown sugar
Stir constantly, increase heat to simmer (DO NOT BOIL) for approx. 10 minutes.
Makes approx. 3½ cups of sauce (set aside – to be added later).

Then The Stew:
In a 2 gallon pot, over low heat melt ¼ lb of butter then add:
3 cups small diced potatoes
1 cup small diced onion
2  14½ oz. cans of chicken broth
1 lb baked chicken (white and dark)
8-10 oz. smoked pork

Bring to a rolling boil, stirring until potatoes are near done, then add:
1 8½ oz. can early peas
2   14½ oz. cans stewed tomatoes – (chop tomatoes, add liquid to the stew pot)
The prepared sauce
1 16 oz. can of baby lima beans
¼ cup Liquid Smoke
1  14½ oz. can creamed corn
Slow simmer for 2 hours

Yields 1 gallon



153 thoughts on “Simple Things – the Original Brunswick Stew Recipe (as far as I know)

  1. I wish I could tell you how excited I was to find this recipe. As a child, I used to visit my grandparents in Atlanta and we would frequently go to the Old Hickory House for supper. Brunswick Stew was always on the menu and we ordered it every time. Several months ago, I brought this recipe of Brunswick Stew to a friend who’s husband was very ill. She loved it and it felt so good to share with her and to bring her a little bit of comfort inside a bowl. There is no doubt that God uses food to bring His people together.

    • Thank you; I, too, grew up loving our visits to Old Hickory House. I found the recipe in an old copy of “the Grange” cookbook, but it called for squirrel, so I kept searching until I found this one. Hope you enjoy!! I served it most recently to a group of 30 or 40 pastors. One of them recognized it and said I must hail from Georgia–he was right! God bless you. ……Mary

      • Hi, Mary, just saw your Old Hickory House Recipe/Brunswick Stew, today. I’m from Atlanta, and have eaten at most of the OHH restaurants….loved the stew, the BBQ, the potatoes, and everything! We had one in Marietta, GA …I went to in the 80’s, that closed some years ago. Tucker is a long way from Dallas, GA where I am now, but hope to go sometime soon. Reply to comment that one was in Douglasville, GA…..don’t think so, but there is a restaurant on Bankhead Hwy. between Mableton and Douglasville, that is called “the Hickory House”….is not the same as Old Hickory House. Actually, there IS one I like even better than OHH, called “Old South Barbecue” in Smyrna, GA, off Windy Hill Rd. {formerly Cherokee St.} Their Brunswick Stew is ‘to die for’; is rather spicy, and absolutely wonderful! It’s a family-owned place.
        Jeanne Holmes.

      • Thanks for the info, Jeanne. I haven’t been to Atlanta in a long time, but that taste is just one you don’t forget. I’ve mastered it (in my own mind) with my own tweaked recipe for now; maybe there’s a trip back to Atlanta in my future, who knows… The OHH’s we used to go to were on Cleveland Avenue in East Point, and one in College Park. I remember when my kids were small, we all got situated at a rustic old table, made from a cast-off wooden door…and when we were ready to leave, I stood up and pushed down on the table with my fists…and dumped the whole table into my lap and the kids’….BIG mess…they remembered us!! Thanks for stopping by…

      • My grandmother would make it when we brought her some squirrels. I’ve got to try this original recipe.

      • Well, it was original to the website I cited. I guess everyone has their own twist…some have said it didn’t originally have potatoes or lima’s but the one I found did. Oh well, adjust it to your taste and enjoy…… Thanks for stopping by.

      • I was hoping someone would tell her about the one off of LaVista and Braircliff Rd. It’s still good.

    • Very interesting list of ingredients, I may add some to the my list of beef stew next time I make some. So here’s another recipe you may want to try
      2 lb stewing beef
      3 1 pound cans of stewed tomatoe3 beef bouillon cubes
      3 cups of water
      5-6 cloves
      2 bay leaves
      Flour and brown beef
      In a large pot dissolve bouillon in the water
      add tomatoes, beef, carrots, potatoes and some corn
      Place spices in a tea ball and place in the stew
      Bring to a boil then let simmer for about 2 hours
      You can add or subtract the ingredients except for the spices

    • I read this in response to a post on one of MY old recipes….thank you so much for directing me to yours! This recipe looks amazing and I am certainly going to have to try it! Thanks again!

      • Jaime, I served it to a whole church camp full of kids once in North Texas who raved about it, and then to a team of ministers in the Tulsa area, and even (don’t let on to his congregation) a Jewish rabbi, who just loved it. Adjust it to your liking; like I tell everyone, this is straight from the Brunswick, Georgia website, with the quirks from my own kitchen and contrariness…the name is Mary, after all. Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know how you like it.

  2. Thanks so much for the recipe–but Old Hickory House is still alive and well in Atlanta, and still has the best Brunswick Stew, and barbeque sauce.

  3. I lived in Charlotte NC for 21 yrs and “Old Hickory House” was a staple. I now live in San Diego Ca, but I go back to Charlotte several times a year to visit family and “Old Hickory House” is a must when I go back. It is still open and we hit it with a HUGE “to go” order, including a BIG container of STEW! OMGGGG, be still my heart!

    • Thanks so much for sharing the memory, Denise. It still amazes me how closely taste and smell are attached to memory and pleasure. That’s why I was so delighted to discover the recipe from the source! And thanks for reading. There’s more to come!

    • The Charlotte Old Hickory House and the Atlanta Old Hickory House chain are two totally different restaurants. I was all excited when I moved to Charlotte, but their Brunswick stew is as bad as everyone else’s in Charlotte. 😦

      • I’m so sorry, Jim. But there’s also one in Jackson, Tennessee that’s great. But as a last resort, try the recipe. It’s simply the best. And thanks for stopping by.

      • I whole heartedly disagree with Jim Cofer. Though I’ve never had the Brunswick stew from an Old Hickory House in Atlanta, the stew from the restaurant in Charlotte is the best I have ever had. I’ve eaten dozens of different Brunswick stew recipes in my life, I’ve never found another that measures up. To each his own, I guess. I don’t believe the stew from the Charlotte Old Hickory House contains lima beans, potatoes, or rice (as I’ve seen in some varieties). The baked beans at the Charlotte restaurant are phenomenal too.

      • As it happens, there’s an unofficial “battle” over the origin of the stew and some of the ingredients that should be included. I’m sure your version is great, Mike, I was just stating what I think is the best dish I’ve ever tasted in my sheltered childhood…thanks for commenting!

    • I always understand that it was brought to this country by German mercinaries (the Brunswick Regiment ) during the Revolution.

      • I haven’t researched it myself. but that’s interesting to know. I’ll have to look into it further. Thanks very much!

  4. I live in Colorado and had my first taste of Brunswick stew. It was so different and so delicious!!, I had to take a quart home from the restaurant to my family. We all liked the sweet and the spicy taste of the stew. I can’t wait to try your recipe.
    Ande Mac

  5. Hi MAry, I just made this stew recipe. but I am wondering, did you really mean to have 1/4 cup of liquid smoke in the stew? also, after making the whole batch of “sauce”, i was surprised that it only needs 1/4 cups of it in the entire stew. seems like a waste to me. Is this all correct? thank you for the recipe!

    • Hi, Lydia, thank you for reading my posts. Using 1/4 cup of the liquid smoke is right because you have 9 cups or more of vegetables, etc. when you combine them all. Also, the instructions read “add prepared sauce”, so you’re supposed to add all of it. I’m sorry if I made a typo there. The link takes you to the original recipe; I was simply posting my “tweaks” to it. Here’s the link for you

      Recently I made a trip to Tennessee and discovered that Old Hickory House is still alive and well,…and DELICIOUS!!! Enjoy your stew, I’m making a couple of gallons to tide us over till Thanksgiving! Yum!

      His Blessed Kid,

  6. Hi again, i just went to the link that you have posted and it calls for only half of the ingredients for the sauce. Is there a reason why you have doubled this recipe?

    • Boy, you’re good! I was making it originally for a group of 50 friends at church. Like I said in the post, the thickness and any other tweaks are up to you. (The sauce is a great one to keep around for other meats, anyway). Enjoy!

  7. Oh my goodness! Bless your heart!! I have been dreaming of this stew for over 40 years. Went to school at Atlanta College of Art 1970 – 1974 (High Museum). Getting to go to Old Hickory House was a real treat for a straving artist college girl! Was thinking on this cold Jan day in Alabama how I would love to taste that stew again. Can’t believe I found the recipe!! whoo hoo! God Bless and Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks, Judy. I attended Atlanta Christian College at the same time. But I recently learned, on a trip to Jackson, TN that Old Hickory House is still in existence…in fact there’s a restaurant right in Jackson. There also locations in Tucker, Ga., Dunwoody, Ga., and Charlotte, NC. Hope you enjoy it! I can’t get enough, even now.

  8. I go to the Tucker Old Hickory House every chance I get. They used to have locations all around Atlanta but now there are only two left: Tucker and Dunwoody.

    • I remember going to several down near College Park, East Point, down that way. Once we visited with our 5 kids, all little ones, and TWICE during the meal they leaned on the table (it was an old door that had been poorly attached to the legs) and sent the food flying. They were SO nice, and just cleaned us up and started us over again!! Best meal I’ve ever had. Thanks for reading.

    • Rick, My husband worked at LeCordon Bleu in Tucker and he would bring home bbq sandwiches and Brunswick Stew from the Tucker location. Still as good as ever and the only place where I could get my favorite breakfast…yes, bbq, brunswick stew and biscuits!!!

    • Well, now there is only one Old Hickory House left in the Atlanta area, the one in Tucker. 8 of us ate there Friday night, May 14, 2016. The Brunswick stew is the same as always and just as awesome. I heard a couple people say they hoped they never closed down. The fans of this restaurant are getting nervous I think.

      • May they EVER Reign!!! I’m glad I can make a reasonable copy–but there’s NOTHING like the original!

      • The Old Hickory House in Charlotte is closed. They closed when construction was started on the road. Sure wish they would open up again. We went from Kannapolis to eat there often.

      • I’m so sorry that one closed, Carolyn. That’s why I searched out the recipe. I just love eating it and remembering the old days at OHH. Thanks for stopping by!! –Mary

  9. This looks good in the photo but I doubt it’s anywhere close to the original as they didn’t have liquid smoke….they smoked their meats in the smokehouse – usually in the back yard. They also didn’t have prepared things like catsup & mustard. I have an early 1900’s recipe (still not old enough to be the original) they cooked down tomatoes, vinegar & spices to get that rich broth…. Like I said this does look like it tastes good but I don’t think it’s smart to claim it’s the “original”….makes you look bad.

    • Goodness, Darla, I said “as far as I know”…give a gal a break! It came from the website that most Georgians take for the origin, Have a peek and see what you think. Although if you’re from South Carolina, you’re not going to go for the Georgia version, I bet. Thanks for commenting.

  10. I knew the family that owned the one in East Point. Their last name was Black. Their girls went to Woodward Academy.

    • There are indeed some great families in Atlanta that know good food…my experience is from the 70’s, though, and up to March 1981…landmarks like Pittypat’s Porch, and CrossRoads, and of course The Varsity…ah, memories..

  11. I too being from right there in Atlanta Ga remember and LOVED the old Hickory House. I remember it burning down twice!!!!! Thank God the remodeled both times!!!!! They had great steaks and fries!!!!! But this Brunswick stew was to die for, I have looked up many recipes now as I’m older and none could taste like theirs, thank you for posting I’m going to make this, here people in Texas have never heard of our famous southern Brunswick stew!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Christie, yes, every time I’ve served it (in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and now Oklahoma) people seem to rave over it. I had a gentleman here in Oklahoma tell me he’d eaten it years ago in Atlanta and mine brought some great memories to his palette. Cheers to great old Southern dishes! Thanks for your comment…

  12. This sounds delish. However, why make SEVEN cups of sauce, when at the bottom it says to add only 1/4 Cup of it to the finished stew? Is this a mistake? Please advise! Thanks.

  13. I am also from Atlanta and grew up going to Old Hickory House, which is the ONLY restaurant that comes close to my Mom’s version. She taught me to cut the chicken and pork into pieces using cooking shears. I won’t even order Brunswick Stew anywhere else.

  14. FYI: there is only ONE Old Hickory House still open in Atlanta. It’s located at 2202 Northlake Pkwy, Tucker, GA!! The Dunwoody location closed in September! There’s nothing like The Old Hickory House!!!!

  15. The Old Hickory House in Dunwoody is now history. I guess Tucker is still open if anybody needs an OHH fix. The era of the great Jack Black is pretty well over. I grew up with the Buckhead Pharr Road location with occasional forays to the Northside Drive, the Piedmont Road, and Sandy springs locations.

    • We went to the one on Cleveland? Or Lee Street? somewhere in SW Atlanta. And occasionally down to College Park’s.

      Good memories, huh, Jim! I think I’ll be making some this weekend, Oklahoma’s finally getting “cold”.

  16. Sounds wonderful but I have a question. It says use 1/4 cup of the sause made above. Is that all the sause you use? What do you do with the rest? Thank you.

  17. I’m curious … was there not an Old Hickory House restaurant in Douglasville, GA at one time? And I loved their Brunswick Stew also!!

    • I’m not sure; we were in East Point when I visited the College Park location…and SE Atlanta’s. In the 70’s. But yes, the stew was awesome!! Il love making my own batches now. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Hey..I suppose everyone has their own recipe. I followed an old indian around for 20 years to learn his. and his sauce recipe. people drink my sauce out of the pitchers on the table..lmao.
      And I gotta say, his stew recipe is about a dozen notches above anyone else’s Ive ever tasted.
      No corn fillers, meat is already smoked before going in. Cooks all night in a washpot over hardwood coals

  18. Here’s the real Brunswick Stew from South Georgia. My Uncle’s Mother-in-law’s restaurant
    1lb each pork, beef, chicken, ground or shredded. Cooked until done
    2 cans tomato
    1can corn
    1 pkg frozen okra
    3 cloves garlic
    2 onions chopped
    salt & pepper
    Mix all together cook 1hr on low heat.
    you can use equiv of fresh tomatoes and veggies and add seasoning as desired if you choose

    • Sounds delicious, Sarah! I’d never have even sampled a stew with Okra in it–but the greatness of a stew is how those who enjoy it value it. Hooray for Georgia!

  19. There are many different ways to make Brunswick stew My mother could make some of the best. I’m not sure where the first was made but there was a black washpot hanging in Brunswick when I was growing up that claim to be where the first was made.

  20. To all those who have enjoyed finding this article and the slightly lop-sided Marymary version of the original stew…Thank you. Thank you for stumbling across my rendition of what tastes great, but is even more of a treat for the memory, the traditions of visiting a favorite old haunt, combined with the “all’s right with the world” warmth that you get from spending time with family and friends.

    Thanks for your comments; (there have been dozens); your criticism when I mixed my measurements and instructions with enthusiasm and error here and there…and most of all, for bothering to spend a few moments with His blessed kid. I am, you know–MUCH more blessed than I deserve. And I hope you come back, for another taste of the soul-tickling times from when we were kids…..when life was watching dust bunnies dance on rays of sunshine, counting the ants that wandered up and down flower stalks, making homemade dams from rain pouring down the gutters of the street, squeezing into the tiny space above the car seat, mooshed against the back windshield to wave at truck drivers….and other wonders that seemed so trival–but lend such richness to the fabric of our memories. Till next time!

  21. Where’s the beef?! I’ve always understood Brunswick Stew to have shredded chicken, pulled smoked pork and shredded beef. (like from a pot roast). I love our local versions! Only 1/4 cup of sauce?. Did I read that right? Seems like I am making an awful lot of sauce just to use 1/4 cup. I mean of course I can save it for the next stew which would be a time saver but, not everyone makes Brunswick stew very often. Overall, the recipe sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Well, Terri, I just followed the recipe that came from what I knew as the original. It may not be, but that’s the way I learned it. I’m sure the addition of beef wouldn’t hurt, if that’s how you like it. Thanks for commenting!

  22. There is also a good Brunswick Stew recipe in the old Mary Mac’s cookbook, from Mary Mac’s Restaurant on Ponce de Leon. It is pretty close to the same as the original Hickory House recipe, but both are real good.

  23. Old Hickory House at Northlake still serving Brunswick stew- had some last week. But, the best I ever had( ‘cept for my Mama’s) was at Harold’s on McDonough Blvd in southeast Atlanta served with cracklin’ cornbread. Wish I had that recipe!

  24. Had hundreds of various recipes for Brunswick Stew in Georgia as well as other states. Best I Ever had was recognized on the Food Channel as well as many food magazines. They all agreed that Harold’s had the absolute BEST! However Old Hickory House does have a good stew! There’s a Brunswick Stew convention in Georgia every year.

  25. I’m from Georgia, born and raised. There’s no such thing as chicken in “authentic” Brunswick stew. It’s squirrel meat and opossum. Just FYI.

  26. It may be that resturant’s brunswick stew recipe, but the original brunswick stew was a backwoods stew with everthing in it. That includes chicken, pork, rabbit, squirirel, beef, and various other fowl. It was a sterw reserved for special occaisions since at that point in time any meal with more than one meat in it was considered a treat in the rural south.

  27. (from the Author): For those who have trouble following the link to the St. Mary’s in Georgia site, here’s the recipe copied directly from their site:

    First the sauce:
    In a 2 quart sauce pan, over low heat, melt ¼ cup of butter then add:
    1¾ cups Catsup
    ¼ cup French’s Yellow Mustard
    ¼ cup white vinegar

    Blend until smooth, then add:
    ½ tablespoon chopped garlic
    1 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
    ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper
    ½ oz. Liquid Smoke
    1 oz. Worcestershire Sauce
    1 oz. Crystal Hot Sauce or ½ oz. Tabasco
    ½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice

    Blend until smooth, then add:
    ¼ cup dark brown sugar
    Stir constantly, increase heat to simmer (DO NOT BOIL) for approx. 10 minutes.
    Makes approx. 3½ cups of sauce (set aside – to be added later).

    Then The Stew:
    In a 2 gallon pot, over low heat melt ¼ lb of butter then add:
    3 cups small diced potatoes
    1 cup small diced onion
    2 14½ oz. cans of chicken broth
    1 lb baked chicken (white and dark)
    8-10 oz. smoked pork

    Bring to a rolling boil, stirring until potatoes are near done, then add:
    1 8½ oz. can early peas
    2 14½ oz. cans stewed tomatoes – (chop tomatoes, add liquid to the stew pot)
    The prepared sauce
    1 16 oz. can of baby lima beans
    ¼ cup Liquid Smoke
    1 14½ oz. can creamed corn
    Slow simmer for 2 hours

    Yields 1 gallon

  28. Old Hickory House in Charlotte closed its doors for the last time last summer. My husband and a good friend have been morning the passing of this Brunswick stew ever since. Thanks for the recipe! HOw did you come by it?

    • I searched the internet till I found the site “
      I was searching online for the recipe, and came across this site–it “said” the official guide, so I took it for the real thing. I admit I modified it just a bit, to fit my family’s tastes. But it’s pretty darn close!! Thanks for commenting, Karen.

  29. My brother-in-law handles the family Brunswick Stew recipe with guarded care. He and his family own the last remaining Old Hickory House in Atlanta! His grandmother and her Brother started the restaurant in Birmingham 65 years ago and relocated to Atlanta a few years later.

    • Then I’m a bit embarrassed with how I played fast and loose with it…but it was just a poor girl’s attempt to remember a wonderful dish and the good times that came with it. Thanks for letting me it’s still alive and well!!

  30. I made it last weekend for the Super Bowl and it was awesome. My friend and husband declared the flavor was perfect, but didn’t think the potatoes were included in the Charlotte version. My friend had also heard that they used a few slices of white bread to thicken the sauce so we tried it and it worked nicely!

  31. That sounds like a great idea. I thought I remembered potatoes, chopped pretty small in the mix. But it’s been a VERY long time ago. They cook down and get starchy, so I think it’s not a bad addition, though.
    Thanks for your comment!! and for stopping by…….

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  33. Enjoyed reading all your posts here about the Brunswick Stew recipe. I live close to Tucker,GA and have been to the last Old Hickory several times – and their ribs and stew are still good. You sound like a very Blessed lady indeed and I’m so glad you are enjoying your life!

  34. There may be short cuts but there’s just no replacing the real thing–in my book anyway. It’s especially wonderful served with cornbread!! And good old home brewed ice tea.

  35. I am originally a Georgia girl, but moved from the South twenty years ago. I lived in the Morningside area of downtown Atlanta, just a little over a block from the Piedmont Road Old Hickory House. I remember stepping outside on crisp fall mornings and smelling the wonderful smell of BBQ. By lunchtime, my dad and I would have to take a walk over there to get some Brunswick stew. I am so glad to have this recipe. I am going to make a big batch with cornbread and banana pudding. My California bred husband is not as keen on the Southern food as my kids and I are. Good! It leaves more for us!

    • My stew turned out great! I used the original recipe you included and feel that there might be just a bit too much ketchup for my taste. It was a bit more “tomatoey” than I remember. Other than that, it was wonderful to walk my family down memory lane with me.

      • Between the recipe I found online and the amount I had to increase it to, I may be tweaked things a bit cattywhompered. But thanks for giving it a try. God bless!

    • That’s totally adjustable, Candy, to your own personal taste. I made a huge batch, and that’s how much I used. I’ve also been sanctioned for including ANY liquid smoke in a “true Southern recipe”–but that’s how I like it, and how I made it. IF your taste doesn’t run to that much smoky taste, you’re welcome to cut it back. Good luck!!

  36. My mother was a wonderful cook and she swore by recipes from Mrs. S. R. Dull’s “Southern Cooking” cookbook first published in 1928. Mrs. Dull was the Home Economics Editor for the Atlanta Journal for many years. One year at hog killing time, Mama decided to use Mrs. Dull’s recipe for Brunswick stew which called for hogs head, liver, feet and heart. When we children saw what she was doing, we would not touch the stew. Needless to say, next time, she went back to her regular recipe which was similar to the recipe you shared. She later said, “well you know, in the old days nothing went to waste.” Thought you would enjoy this little tidbit on early Brunswick stew.

    • Yes, Suzanne, I’ve seen additives like squirrel, rabbit, just about anything you can imagine. My recipe is’nt “ORIGINAL”, it’s just tailoring the ingredients to work for a busy Mom. But thanks for reading!

    • That’s up to you, Dean, when you make it up. Cut the BBQ sauce down, or make it a brand that you know is tame. Otherwise, I don’t believe it’s too spicy. Good Luck!

  37. If you love Brunswick Stew, visit the Brunswick Stewbilee at Mary Ross Park in Brunswick, GA. Enjoy 25 different stews, live music, a Pooch Parade, a Car Show, a 5K, and Junior Stewbie Central. Fall is the best time of year in coastal Georgia. October 24. Be there.

  38. Thank you for this recipe which I look forward to trying soon. Brunswick Stew Story (long): My Dad grew up in Eastern NC (Rocky Mount) and during our many vists to see his mother, we always got our our Q, Brunswick Stew, barbecued potatoes and coleslaw from Bob Melton’s, a family-owned and operated place down by the river. The way I heard it, you were either a Melton’s fan or a Parker’s fan – “and never the twain shall meet.” I LOVED Bob Melton’s Brunswick Stew, and we would always bring an ice chest full of it home to SC. My Dad had been a depression kid living in a depressed area of NC, son of a Methodist minister who died when Dad was 10. In short, he was poor. During his childhood, he developed a strong dislike for fowl. No chicken for my Dad. Ever. Under any circumstances. But he LOVED Bob Melton’s Brunswick Stew. We came to realize that he had NO idea it had chicken in it! During his childhood, Brunswick Stew was made with squirrel, rabbit, or anything else you could go into the woods and shoot. He went to his grave at 80, never realizing that the Brunswick Stew he loved so much had chicken in it.

    • THat’s right, Cantey, I have numerous responses to the blog, correcting me, insisting to replace my protein with squirrel, or pork, or whatever. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, keep reading!!

  39. I got news for you we folks in the south have never put Liquid Smoke in anything to give it flavor and no stew I have ever ate had lima beans in it. And where is the pork old hog head is best. People need to learn how to eat if they want to call them self southerns. I love to see some of the cornbread recipes that are on Facebook.

    • George, if you read the article, I said I took the recipe from the website: And that I tweaked it so that I could make it simpler, at home, for me. It wasn’t a pure old-timer’s recipe, because I don’t have hours to spend on slow smoking a pig, or whatever. Go to the website, it says its the “official” location where they have the stewbilee contest…I’m sure theirs is authentic.

      I lived in the southwestern part of Atlanta for 14 years, and DO consider myself a true Southerner…I’m amazing that tons of readers expect mine to be perfect. I just shared it because my family enjoys it. But thanks for writing, I’m glad you took time to read my blog.

    • Hello, Kay, If you highlight the recipe–the parts you want–and then right-click, you should be able to select print from the choices shown. If that doens’t work, I can email it to you. thanks for reading!!

  40. Old Hickory House is ok. Several other area restaurants have better in my opinion. Pippins in Covington, and Fresh AIr in Jackson are good choices. Southern Pit in Griffin GA is an excellent choice when it comes to stew, and their other menu items don’t disappoint. Hands down, the best Stew I ever had was at Piggie Park drive in on HWY 19 in Thomaston GA. Best ever! Other menu items are questionable, but stew, nothing I have seen is better.

  41. My Dad grew up in East Point. He loved Brunswick stew. He had his grandmother’s old recipe book. The recipe for the stew started “get a wash bucket”. He made pretty good stew. There was a bbq restaurant near Fairburn that had great stew. They served meals on light green melamin trays. Don’t remember the name. Last time I went to it was in the early 80s, I think.

    • Yes, I lived there from 1968 – 1981. Went to high school there. I remember the place in Fairburn, but the name escapes me. My Mom had an old “Whitehouse Cookbook” that said things like “render 2 cups of lard…” or “move the pot to the back of the fire”. Thanks for reading!

  42. There once was an Old Hickory House in Athens, Georgia. My sister worked there. The stew was wonderful but my favorite is Zeb Dean’s close to Danielsville, Georgia. Do not like lima beans or okra in mine. My mother made it and used pork only no other meat. Used the hog head. It was delicious. Wish I had some today.

    • Yes, I made it for a Ministerial Alliance at our church and it was DEVOURED by the ministers. It’s always a treat, a complete meal in a bowl. Thanks for stopping by!

  43. Wow! Thanks for the memories!! But I must declare that nobody, and I mean NOOBODY, made this better than my Papa (my great-grandpa). NOBODY!
    That’s all I’ve got to say!
    Thank-you very much!
    Atlanta, Ga. ☺

  44. My father and family are from Brunswick co. Va.
    24lbs chickens boiled and boned 10lb potatoes
    12qts butter beans 1 lb margarine
    14qts tomatoes 1/2 cup sugar
    12qts cream corn add last 30 min cooking 1/2 cup salt
    8lb onions red & black pepper to taste
    Chickens are precooked Put in big pot and bring to boil cook simmer 4 to 5 hours or until as thick as you want. makes 40 to 45 qts. This has being in family for over 80 years. I cook a wash pot at least once a year. My uncle used it to cook for railroad workers when he was 10 years old, in the early 20’s

  45. There is one Old Hickory House still opened in Tucker, Ga near Northlake Mall. My son who is now 44 practically grew up on their stew! He would say want uwe. And wouldn’t eat anything else.

    • Yes,so I’ve been told by most of the people in Atlanta But I haven’t been back since my Mom’s funeral in 2003, and didn’t have the stew then. (Oh how I wish I had). But with the recipe in hand, I can remember home anytime…. thanks for stopping by.

  46. Autumn Schmautum! I’m cooking this tonite, lol right in the middle of August! My gosh it sounds so good! I have been in one of those moods hungry, but can’t think of anythign that sounds good, so Im sitting here eating Townhouse Flatbread crackers w/tomato basil, and mozzarella melted on top, just to be eating SOMETHING, even tho Im not really hungry, but I think this will break the spell I’ve been having!!! Thank you!

    • You are so welcome, Mayrine, you made me laugh. And I can feel your boredom (as in pain). Yes,this absolutely hits the spot, any time of year. Thanks for stopping by…

  47. Found your post on fb started to just check out recipe as my husband loves it and his whole family lives around atl. What a treat I was in for I started reading your comments and it brought back lots of memories I really appreciate your help with this stew . my recipe I had wasn’t very good.

  48. in the recipe handed down from my grandmother, her Mom and etc… that grew up in Georgia… there was no potato or lima beans…. just tomatoes & corn…. and made with pork..chicken & beef, which you cook all together and use the broth from this…. no brown sugar either or mustard…….

  49. Not remember the old hickory but I do remember that the Brunswick Stew that I grew up on when I was very young was made from pig brains not chicken. Now days it is not though..

    • Goodness, pigs brains! I’ve heard squirrel, and I’ve heard “available meats”, but pig brains is a new one. But yes, it’s a great stew however it’s made. Thanks for stopping by.

  50. I grew up in Atlanta. One of the few places we ate out was the Old Hickory House on Bankhead Highway, before you crossed the Chattahoochee River. My husband grew up in East Point, not far from Atlanta Christian College, and remembers the OHH. Melears was in Fairburn. Dean’s Barbeque in Jonesboro is good.

    • I believe there was also one on Lee Street or somewhere over that side of East Point. I grew up just down Ben Hill Rd. from ACC, small world. I had forgotten Fairburn, thanks for reminding me! You know, I’ve gotten about 10 times more hits on that article than anything I’ve written…OHH sure is popular!

    • No no, Jack, what was original was the recipe that I took from Brunswick, Georgia’s website–and I discovered today that it’s been reworked, and is no longer there…so what I’m citing is no longer a valid reference.
      I believe I DID say that this way my own twist on it…..not having a smoker, I’m in desperation mode, and stoop to the use of liquid smoke upon occasion. Sorry. But thanks for stopping by.

  51. I have to chime in…. We raised our family in Decatur Georgia… moving there in 1972 from Florida. We were blessed to have one OHH in South Decatur, near Belvedere, just a mile or so from our house. There was a really sweet waitress there, Mary, who was always smiling! We went there often. We took our family, including my parents there after the baptism of our oldest daughter, Elizabeth, who is now almost 42 years old. We have loved and visited OHH for more than 45 years! There was another OHH close to Suburban Plaza off North Decatur Road, which changed into other BBQ places and then other restaurants.

    We make trips to the Atlanta area often because 2 of our children and our grandchildren still live and work in the area. On almost every visit we get the family together at the Old Hickory House in Tucker, GA… 2202 Northlake Pkwy., Tucker, GA 30084 – phone: (770) 939-8621).

    We will be heading to ATL this weekend for a visit and will be taking everyone (all 3 children and their family – and some friends) to OHH on late Sunday afternoon. My favorite thing is their Brunswick Stew!! Thanks for the memories!!

    Jewel and Bill Magee family, now from Blowing Rock, NC

  52. MaryMary, I am headed to eat Lunch at the Old Hickory House in Tucker Georgia for lunch today! Of course I am grabbing some Brunswick stew to-go. Your recipe and finding your post actually inspired the small road trip today!

    • Well, heavens, you didn’t invite me! lol…(don’t you have that little “lol” thing?) I’m glad it brought up some great taste buds for you, Randy. And Jealous, to boot. Wanna mail me some? Houston’s a long way, though…you might tuck a bowl in a flight attendant’s lunch box for me, I’ll go pick it up… Thanks, Randy, for stopping by.
      Life’s been really hectic for me the last few months, but I hope to go back to regular writing now. Take care! (Is the Varsity still going strong?)

  53. My grandmother was from Georgia. She made the best. She always said you had to add some type of wild game. She used rabbit, deer or whatever was in freezer. Awesome.

    • Yes, there are those diehards who claim that squirrel was the original dish, and others (more in Virginia) who claim it was rabbit. But the dish that I prefer, city girl that I am, is the chicken and pork. But heavens, whatever your taste, suit it to your own likes!! Thanks for stopping by, Stanley.

  54. There is an Old Hickory House BBQ in Tucker. Don’t know if it was part of the same change. Located off I285, Lavista Rd.

    • Thank you, James…it turns out, there are PLENTY of them left around, and they’re all coming back to haunt me…I had no idea they were still a going concern. I wonder if I were to eat there again today, if it would be the glorified dish that my memory (and altered recipe) conjured up… Thanks for stopping by!

  55. I grew up in Brunswick, Va always had Brunswick stew from all fresh veggies from garden on 4th of July..There has been a feud going on between Brunswick,Va & Brunswick, Ga to which was original stewmasters.

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