What Superhero Would You Be?

     I saw this silly writing prompt recently, and decided to give it a quick spin. Not my type of thing. Nothing redemptive in it, and you kind of get messed up in trying to figure out whether you’d be super-producing, super-giving, super-capable–and then you just get stuck.

     So, I’m stuck. I thought about being supergracious, spending my days making others feel as though they were fantastic and wholesome; supergenerous: granting copious wishes for those in desperate need; superchef: preparing amazing calorie-free, tasty dishes overflowing with texture and flavor.

     And at each one of those junctions, I end up feeling as though I’m puffed up and lording it over other people. So although this sounds like a silly question, it ends being pretty thought-provoking.

     It reminds me of a question that’s on my study wall, one that tends to spur me on to write, to exercise. to get busy on whatever task is in front of me:

      “What would you attempt today if you knew you could not fail?”

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