An Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

My most excellent husband is continually surprising me–he led me recently to a meat cheese trayrenovated 1940’s farm house out in the country not too far from us here in our little community of Fulshear…it was in Sealy, Texas.  I hope you’re close enough to chance a trip to discover what you’ve been missing..

The inside of this unprepossessing little building delivers a sophisticated breath of fresh air. Subtle lighting, small group seating, soft music, linen tablecloths, candlelight and unique chandeliers…and an ambiance that lends itself to an afternoon of tasting the most excellent locally grown wines as well as a delicious domestic and international selection.  My own personal favorite is YBR’s own Symphony, “a hybrid mix of the Moscat and Granache Gris grapes, a  harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity that creates an angelic, noble, and slightly bubbly wine.” (their description)…hard to beat. There’s also plenty of comfortable outdoor seating, a plus for entertaining.  And Saturday evenings with live music will certainly increase the quality of your stay at YBR.

The waLambrm and enchanting hostess who came out to greet us was a comely blonde with a personable manner who will ensure that you’re a welcome friend before you leave.  Denyce Treybig, the owner of YBR, is very well spoken with a soft manner and welcoming smile. She knows her wines.

We introduced ourselves and began to converse when I saw something unexpected–a menu!   From a hidden little treasure of a winery they’ve expanded to a restaurant!

Denyce has added a gem: an experienced, forward-thinking chef (Chef Ken—we were lucky enough to meet him) who is passionate about culinary arts.  Ken is a master at the Texas Filet, perfectly seasoned and grilled to the exact degree of tenderness and flavor that you prefer.  Whether you’re fond of flatbreads, simple meat and cheese trays, Seared Tuna, New Zealand Lamb, or simply the JUICIEST half pound Burger that you have ever seen (and fries that people drive out from Houston to enjoy) you will agree with us that the Yellow Brick Road is a worthwhile stop on the path of a satisfying and memorable journey.


“The winery sits on an estate right off of Interstate 10 in Sealy, 20 miles West of Katy and 20 miles East of Columbus, only 50 minutes West of downtown Houston overlooking 50 acres, and just 35 minutes away from West Houston. The Yellow Brick Road Winery is a Texas owned and operated vineyard and winery and we are committed to growing and blending varieties best suited for the soil and climate.    In addition to the wines made on the premises, Yellow Brick Road Winery carries other Texan made wiposternes, domestic wines and international wines.”
The menu changes frequently complete with fantastic desserts…call ahead or come check it out, and while you decide, have a sip of the unbeatable Chocolate Wine…like a “liquid tootsie roll.”

Stop by and share in this well-kept (but not for long) secret tucked away in Sealy, Texas.   And yes, I’ve gotta say it, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road!”



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